Natures Aid Vitamin E 200iu


Natures Aid always use the natural form of Vitamin E, called D-Alpha Tocopherol to produce our Vitamin E supplements, so you can rest assured by choosing Natures Aid you are taking the natural form of this oil soluble anti-oxidant Vitamin.

As well as food supplements, Vitamin E is often found in face creams and body oils because of its anti-oxidant action, but what exactly does this mean?  Oxidative stress is the damage which can occur to body cells if levels of substances known as free radicals start to build up.  Free Radicals are unstable molecules which can damage our body cells.  They are caused by smoking, UV light and heating cooking oils to high temperatures.  Free radicals are also found in processed foods like bacon, sausages and salami.  Anti-oxidant nutrients like Vitamin E can help to protect the cells of the body by neutralising free radicals, and thus protect body cells against oxidative stress.

Take 1-2 softgels per day with food.

200iu is suitable for all ages, but it is advised to reduce the dosage according to age and weight.

Do not exceed the recommended intake.

d-alpha Tocopherol (product of Soya), Gelatin, Sunflower Oil, Glycerine, Natural Mixed Vitamin E.

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