Natures Plus Vitamin K2


Each easy-to-swallow capsule provides 120 mcg of vitamin K2, the most bio available form of this critical bone-health nutrient, in the natural menaquinone-7 form. A certified Organic whole food blend containing phytonutrient-rich whole fruits, vegetables

AdultTake 1 Capsule Daily

If you are pregnant or nursing or are taking any medications, consult your health care practitioner before using any herbal product.

If you are taking anti-coagulants (blood thinners), do not take this product except on the advice of a doctor.

 Organic Gold Standard Whole Food Mix, Acerola powder, Flaxseed, Broccoli sprouts, Cauliflower sprouts, Cordyceps mushroom spores, Kale sprouts, Maitake Mushroom Spawn, Ginger root, Parsley, Beetroot juice powder, Carrot juice, Spirulina algae powder, Cinnamon, Shiitake mushroom spawn, Spinach, Tomato Juice, Wild blueberry, Wild Blueberry, Chlorella powder, Rice maltodextrin, Pullulan (natural polysaccharide) from Aureobasidium pullulans, Rice protein,Vitamin K (as K2, menaquinone-7).


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60 Capsules